Letter to the Editor: What some babies are saying

Because of you there is no light

In my world there is only night

You robbed me of all things that would be fun

I’ll never be able to crawl walk or even run

You didn’t want me, so I had to die

There is a lot of things that you didn’t even try

Childless couples I could have brought joy

They didn’t care if i was a girl or a boy

Don’t you know how kids are born

Or were you afraid of some people scorn

You could stand and look them in the eye

You didn’t have to let me die

So many things you could have done

But some of you wanted your so-called fun

You took away all of God’s things I could see

And all of my kids’ games will never be

You see a lot of things you could do

Remember me it could have been you

A lot of people have lots of love to give

To babies like me so let me live.

Mondell Semans
Ridgely, Md.

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