LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What will they do without Trump?

After more than two years of Trump the politician I’ve come to the sad conclusion that you can’t have a rational debate or conversation with the average Trump supporter. It just doesn’t seem possible. They just accept everything he says as the absolute truth, and nothing (not even the facts), will change that, unless it’s Trump himself.

No president gets everything right, including Trump. The average voter would take Trump more seriously if he would just accept and admit when he’s wrong, instead of continuing to repeat said wrong item i.e. inauguration crowd size, child separation is a law (it’s not), only Congress could end the separation (Trump could and did with one swipe of his pen), among many, many others).

So where are they all going to go when Trump is gone? They’ve turned their backs on conservative beliefs Republicans have held for decades. Republicans have always held themselves as the party that supports law enforcement, yet they’re OK with Trump’s constant attacks against it. Republicans have always said Democrats are the party for big business and Wall Street. And yet they’re OK with adding more than a trillion dollars to the debt to give big business massive tax breaks, even though Republicans have long held the belief there should be way less spending by the federal government and no big additions to the national debt.

Trump voters have thrown away all their long-held beliefs of what it means to be a conservative, and a Republican. They’ve turned the Republican Party into a hypocritical mess no one respects anymore, all for one man who will eventually be gone. So where are you going to go once Trump is gone and irrelevant, and the Republican Party has been left as a joke in his wake?

William Wilson

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