Letter to the Editor: Whatever happened to the ‘invasion’

For more than two weeks leading up to the midterms, President Trump used vitriol and hateful language to convince the American people the caravan in Mexico was this “existential threat” to America. They would bring plagues and diseases to kill us all. He felt so strongly about it that he made it the central issue to rally voters.

But, it didn’t work the way President Trump wanted. The Blue Wave washed all over the Southwest, the first people who would be affected by his so-called “invasion”. They rejected his despicable lies and detestable behavior. And of course the next day Trump went on TV and said it was an absolutely great night for Republicans. Everyone in the country knew he was going to do this because he simply cannot accept defeat or loss, or accept responsibility for anything.

At most, depending on the Florida Senate race, the Republicans gained only two Senate seats, but if Bill Nelson wins they only gain one. In exchange for one or two Senate seats they lost more than 40 seats in the House, control of the House, seven governor seats and more than 350 of the top positions in legislatures throughout the country. How EXACTLY does that make Nov. 6 a great night for Republicans??

But back to my point. It’s now a week after the midterms and President Trump has mentioned the caravan only one single time! If the caravan, or “invasion” as Trump puts it is such a threat then how come Trump’s interest in it just simply disappeared after the midterms?

The answer is obvious. It was simply an obvious and blatant political ploy, put out there just to drum up votes for Republicans. And the consequences of the ploy: more troops will be stationed at the border than serving in Afghanistan. Instead of being with their families for the holidays, now those troops will be defending the U.S. from a bunch of mothers and children in strollers. Now that is simply unforgivable! And the monetary cost of this mission to save America from these mothers and children, more than $220 million!

I truly hope Republican voters and Trump supporters alike finally see how Trump used them all for such an obvious political ploy, one that backfired spectacularly for Trump. Because now, beginning in January 2019 there will finally be oversight of this administration, the way it should be from Congress, regardless of whether the president is a Democrat or a Republican.

Over the past two years Congress has shirked its responsibility as a co-equal branch of government, and done nothing to be a check on the Executive Branch, the way it’s supposed to. But no longer.

If President Trump wants to get anything done in his last two years then he’s gonna have to learn that thing that makes our country move into the future: COMPROMISE!

William Wilson

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