LETTER TO THE EDITOR: What’s so difficult about legal immigration?

How can banning illegal immigration go against the Constitution? Our ancestors came here from God knows where, established this country and its rules. One of them was, and is: come in through the legal process. If you are caught here illegally, you must be deported. When illegal immigrants enter our country, they assume other names so as to avoid getting caught. Isn’t that deceit? They don’t register most vehicles, and if an accident occurs, guess what? The victim gets nothing.

Let us remember those responsible for helping illegals come into the country by providing false documentation. They make a bundle on this process. How can people afford to pay such a price when they come here destitute?

Let’s make one more thing clear: just [because] you are born here, [that] does not make you an American citizen. If your parents are not here legally, then, neither are you. What is so difficult about coming in the right way, instead of living a life of deceit? And why does our government allow it to happen? The judge should be ashamed of battling with President Trump over this issue.

It’s been long overdue, and now that it’s here, the crying begins. I am in full support of anyone who desires a better life, but damn it, do it the right way! Those responsible for issuing false documentation should be punished to the fullest extent of the law; they only encourage illegal immigration to continue, and the judge needs to get off the stupid truck and do what he went to college for: abide by the law.

Our country has been nearly run to the ground with bending rules and bending over backwards to help everyone except their own. Veterans have to fight for what is rightfully theirs, homelessness is on the rise, for humans and animals, and nothing is being done to prevent any of it. All of our focus is on other countries and illegal immigrants and how we can best help them.

Let’s turn the focus back on the United States for a while, pull up our big boy/girl panties and start making it right again. And if we, as concerned Americans, have no voice in the matter, then, let’s make this clear as well: if you are not in this country legally, you do not have the right to protest, vote, or take what is not rightfully yours.

Some illegal immigrants have been here for numerous years and refuse to become legalized; yet, they live the life as any other American would. This is not rocket science nor should it be a debatable issue; if you are not here legally, go home and come in the right way. And when you do, be willing to fight for your new home as our soldiers and law enforcement do every day of their lives.

Debbie Hilton

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