Letter to the Editor: When will he learn?

Mrs. or Ms. Hilton, I read your letter (“Applause for Trump on immigration issues,” DSN Dec. 4).

The U.S. military did not use tear gas to stop the immigrants from entering the country, that was Customs and Border Patrol. The U.S. military is prohibited from using non-lethal/lethal force within the our borders unless under imminent danger or prior authorization from a competent authority (I will use competent term loosely).

Look up the Posse Comitatus Act(s) which include the current revisions. Like I said before about our current POTUS he got one drubbing from the media, the he goes back for seconds and gets another one.

Like the wise old Chinese proverb of “Man tries to sweep back ocean with broom.” The whole border crisis would not have occurred if he would listen to his people and use his remaining time in office to do border reforms.

His job performance has been abysmal. At the G-20 summit, he behaved no better than a child throwing a tantrum in front of both parents at a public event. This man gets elected, has little or no knowledge about how our government works, and seems to think his way is the best to run the country.

The man has the manners and leadership skills of one of the Manson family members (Not Marilyn but Charlie). The sooner we rid the White House of this person, the better off we all are.

Lonnie Brewer

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