Letter to the Editor: When will the investigations end?

In viewing the Democratic interrogation tactics when questioning Attorney General William Barr recently, the apparent discord among the Republican and Democratic senators was extremely apparent and appalling to observe.

Democratic “concerns” focused solely on disputing, as accurate, at every opportunity the answers AG Barr stated. It was most notable that, quite frankly, the Democrats’ focus on truth was centered on President Trump’s potential impeachment and AG Barr’s resignation. Those goals of their “dream” Democratic wish list will conclude and discredit the Democratic House and senators who have abused their investigative tribunals.

Democrats cannot and will not ever get over the win of President Trump in 2016, when it was a “poll proof” confirmation that HRC would soon be called “Madame President”. Never happened! They offered the wrong candidate!! No one trusted or believed a word that woman ever spoke. The Democratic retaliation to POTUS also included America’s destiny for endurance of these never-ending investigations benefiting their “creative” Democratic quest for truth and justice.

America is tired of these ongoing investigations. Move on to major issues that need congressional addressing e.g., infrastructure, solving the illegal immigration problems, building the “wall” (in a positive approach), health care programs that do not bankrupt America and a sensible climate change resolution. No Green New Deal that will put America in the red.

As memory serves, no condemning Democratic distress and interrogations were initiated during AG Eric Holder’s time in office. He was President Obama’s right-hand man on issues of Obama’s concern. No credible search for truth and justice during that time. Holder was very protective of the 44th POTUS. There were many questionable actions taken by AG Holder e.g., Fast & Furious, and no full inquiry into the border patrol agent who was brutally murdered by illegal aliens, among other omissions.

No thorough investigations of AG Loretta Lynch regarding the “plane” conversations held on board between herself and President Clinton just prior to the 2016 presidential elections. Discussions only of grandchildren and golf? Is that truly believable. I think not!

All of the above transgressions quietly swept under the exquisite carpeting of the Obama White House. No Democratic inquisition into those most questionable events ever transpired. Unfortunately, no further review of the Democratic mistakes of the past will ever surface for further review by the Democratic leadership.

Beverly Monahan

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