LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Where are the children?


Just image your 4-year-old child being torn from your arms by state officials while he is desperately crying and your heart is broken into pieces, and you are not told where he will be taken. Think of the odds being very high this child may never be reunified with you. And know that this is not happening only to you, but hundred of parents. USA borders are most prominently affected by this dismaying action, however, mothers and fathers are being raided at their workplaces too and taken away from their children. Children have become the victims in Trump’s America.

This ugly scenario happened in the streets of Nazi Germany in the 1940s against Jewish people, and now is happening intentionally in Trump’s America against Latinos/Hispanics — whom he has called “animals.” This is a horrifying violent abuse, as it has been documented in a new report from ACLU.

Rise your peaceful and assertive voice against this atrocity committed in our name with our tax dollars, my fellow Delawareans! Tell Senator Carper, Senator Coons and Congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester: Not in our name!

I do not recognize the America I know and love in this systemic cruelty against children. I cannot stand for this gratuitous cruelty against children and mothers and fathers.

Where have America’s values gone? Where are the children?

Charito Calvachi-Mateyko,


Delaware Civil Rights Coalition

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