Letter to the Editor: Where have they been?

It seems we are hearing the same things again by the Democrats running for president. Health care? Taxing the rich? These are the same things Obama said his first term and yet when the Democrats had control, failed to pass a bill taxing the rich? Why not? Because they are all rich and don’t want to pay more taxes.

Also if now they feel Obamacare is not good enough, why didn’t they work with GOP to help make it better and get rid of the bad and add better stuff. No way are we going to do that!

To me, the biggest problem in this country is illegals and what that does. All these years ago that if Congress had fixed the laws saying only those who come legally will be able to become American citizens. And you know what would have happened years and years ago, these people would be paying taxes all this time and not getting cash that’s not reported. Not only would we be getting taxes, but not having to spend millions of dollars taking care of them in many ways.

Just think of the millions of dollars wasted by not having good immigration laws and both sides of Congress and all the presidents are to blame that every American’s hard-earned money has been wasted over the years to where their taxes might have been lower and able to save money or spend more on their families.

So my question is to those who are running for president who have spent many, many years in Congress and even a vice president, why haven’t you done anything up to this point? I am not going to vote for someone who has had many years to correct a problem and did nothing. Yes and please don’t forget our other representatives in Congress could be asked them same?

Marvin Fortney

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