Letter to the Editor: Why bring back  the ‘Blue Route?’

Representative Collins:

I was deeply concerned to hear of your planned resolution to the House of Representatives to study the feasibility of a third bridge over the Indian River to address traffic concerns along U.S.113 in Millsboro.

Prior to you taking office, DelDOT conducted the same study that you plan to propose. It cost taxpayers millions of dollars and brought forth the infamous “Blue Route” which virtually all of your constituents opposed then and still oppose now. The study concluded that on alignment improvements were the best solution to Millsboro’s traffic concerns and this plan is still backed by Senator Gerald Hocker.

Alignment improvements will immediately alleviate traffic concerns without degrading the environment and will save taxpayers millions and millions of dollars. As a concerned taxpayer and business owner, your proposed study will put us on the same path that lead to a devastating “Blue Route” bypass proposition that put homes, businesses, farms, wetlands and our way of life in jeopardy.

Henry Bennett


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