Letter to the Editor: Why not Funland?

Looks like Rehoboth Beach commissioners just passed their version of the 3 percent room tax. Unlike the Lynn/Paradee-sponsored SB 178 that precludes the use of all funds raised by Kent County for just the benefit of DE Turf, Mayor Kuhns states that the almost $900,000 raised in Rehoboth Beach will be used for services “…around the city like street paving, water and sewer repairs, police….” Likewise, room tax funds raised in Kent County should be administered through the Kent County budget process and used throughout the county.

If Paradee and Lynn had written the legislation for Rehoboth and followed their SB 178 theme, they could have identified the old Funland amusement park in Rehoboth Beach as the sole use of the $900,000.

You have to agree that Funland is as much an “economic development engine” as DE Turf. Funland brings far more families to Delaware than DE Turf. In fact, far more Delaware families benefit from Funland than DE Turf.

Thomas Pledgie

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