Letter to the Editor: Why Trump?

I have been truly independent as a voter the majority of my life and I am 69. The Democratic Party has moved so far left that I have become a registered Republican. President Trump has done many good things and he has made some mistakes in judgment.

The Democrats give him absolutely no credit for the good things and falsely depict them in a twisted way. Regardless of how you feel about President Trump, you have to vote for him. The Democratic Party has in essence become a Socialist party and is heavily influenced by far-left politicians that are either real stupid or have a real intent to ruin our great country.

The only Democratic candidate that has A backbone and shows leadership qualities is Tulsi Gabbard. She has recently been falsely accused by Hillary Clinton to be a Russian supporter etc. It seems that when you counter far-left ideas that will not work and are not feasible you are either a racist, a Nazi, or are under the influence of Putin. It is downright scary that radical ideas such as the Green New Deal, Medicare For All, full-term abortions and other radical Socialist programs are actually the platform of the majority of Democratic candidates.

Socialism does not work and would lead to a quick downfall of our great country. President Trump realizes the danger of socialism as do the majority of Republican politicians. No Democrat other than Tulsi Gabbard has shown the guts to stand up to the radical ideas of the party.

Stew Hooks

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