LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Worries about Truono

(In 2015), PayPal reached a $7.7 million dollar settlement with the U.S. Treasury for ignoring U.S. sanctions and allowing money transfers to accounts that were linked to terrorism and weapons of mass destruction.

In fact, the U.S. Treasury was quoted in an article published in computerworld.com as saying, “PayPal’s management demonstrated reckless disregard for U.S. economic sanctions requirements in deciding to operate a payment system without implementing appropriate controls.”

This information alarmed me, as PayPal is a household name, a company that many of my friends and family utilize. Imagine my even bigger fear when I learned that someone in our own state, running for U.S. Senate worked at PayPal during the time these illegal payments were made. So, I dug around a bit.

What did I learn? Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Gene Truono was a compliance officer at PayPal for a number of years. In fact, of the five years these payments were made, Gene Truono was at the helm for three of them. Why would I possibly want someone like this representing the state of Delaware?

Moreover, Mr. Truono’s platform is “Principles not Promises.” If this type of corrupt handling of his job is any indication of his principles, then Delawareans better beware.

Over time, it has become increasingly clear that Republican candidate Rob Arlett is the right choice to run for U.S. Senate. His transparency, honesty, authenticity has served Sussex County well, and will no doubt serve our great state.

Gavin Smith
Ocean View

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