Letter to the Editor: Yahweh is holy

In response to “Who is Yahweh?” by Carol Hotte, (Commentary, Aug. 6), I do not claim to be a scholar. What I am is a passionate Christian Conservative. I am a student of the Holy Bible, and know that It is the word of God. Christianity is the only religion that is based on, believes in and serves a living God.

The Holy Bible is by far the all-time best-selling, most widely read, most translated, most studied, most quoted, most versioned and proven most factual “book” in the history of humanity. Its contents have always been, are, and will be eternally relevant, as evident in all our founding documents.

While abstaining from quoting actual verses, discussing other religions and/or denominations, or asserting personal spiritual viewpoints, God had the first word, and Jesus will have the last. Above all else, knowing this, and what lies within the pages, is the only thing that really matters.

Just to experience birth, breath, see, feel, hear. touch, smell, think, speak and love, are heavenly miracles. I pray that all might sense the presence of God, the Salvation of Jesus, and the power of His Holy Spirit. You will forever be changed. God is love.

Ralph Scott III

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