LETTERS TO THE EDITOR: Democrats should clean their own house

The disgruntled Democratic congressional members and leadership are diligently pursuing their dream for destruction of our POTUS. Unfortunately, all the in-depth discoveries they have pursued have resulted in nothing of substance specifically linking President Trump to illegal actions.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller and his Democratic attorney staffers have been determined to bring their Trump elimination wish list to fruition has resulted in negative efforts. Although “Big Bob” has charged several surrounding associates of President Trump no direct accusatory remarks have pointed firmly to the man in the Oval Office.

Most recently, Gen. Michael Flynn has pleaded guilty to the charges of lying to the FBI and Vice President Mike Pence. President Trump fired Flynn when these accusations became known. He was in place as National Security Chief for the lengthy term of 25 days!

Sadly, it is a fact that SC Robert Mueller and former FBI Director, James Comey are BFFs. Quite a cozy arrangement! Is this really a valid search for truth?

Another surprise has surfaced that the FBI chief investigator for the Clinton e-mail scandal was in reality a Clinton supporter. After his Clinton analysis was finalized and determined that all “was well and clear” in the Clinton “matter”. After all, DOJ Attorney General Loretta Lynch told Jimmy Comey to call the Clinton situation a “matter” not an “investigation”. Was the fix in? After this information was outed, the gentleman investigating the Clinton e-mail query was removed from investigative actions and reassigned to the FBI Human Resources Department. What can he screw up there? That’s anyone’s guess!.

We don’t see Chuck or Nancy commenting on the aforementioned improprieties.

The determined Dems are grieved and angry concerning the forthcoming tax reform bill. They have stated they would not participate with Republicans to establish and finalize this effort and THEN cry foul that they were never invited to the party. They indicate no one has had the opportunity to read the entire 400-plus page bill. Their memories must be failing with age as no one from either party had the luxury of reading the full 2,000-plus Affordable Care Act bill. That omission of remembrance is concurrent in the Democratic mind.

The Democrats should clean up their own house first before their ever-constant efforts to destroy the president.

As a recent example, the tip of that sexual iceberg expose’ was “Icon” MI (D) Rep. John Conyers and MN (D) Sen. Al Franken’s reprehensible sexual patterns against their vulnerable innocents. The “Icon” paid $27,00 to his victim in 2015 and Al Franken has apologized and asked forgiveness for his despicable actions.

It has been determined that there is a fund available for despots performing these acts of violence reaching the substantial total of $17 million dollars. What do they call this “fund” … The I Can’t Keep It In My _ants Fund, The Fondling Fund, or just the good ol’ standard Slick Willy Fund?

What will happen if Alabama’s Senatorial candidate Roy Moore is elected? He may have a smoother path to join the happy campers in Washington, DC, even though his sexual history is in question. Ain’t politics fun? If these elected officials didn’t have such control over our American lives it would be a first-class hit television sitcom!. Americans must be secure that the people they elect are all they state they are. This has been and will continue to be a very difficult task.

Meanwhile, President Trump is in the process of making America Great Again. Good jobs are returning to American shores, corporate giants are leaving foreign lands and justifiably returning to America. The tax reform bill (though not perfect) will help us to achieve each American’s goal of prosperity by enjoying strong employment opportunities not attainable during the eight years during the Obama Administration. Unemployment levels are at 4.1 percent — a rate not seen for many years.

Instead of degrading and spending millions of taxpayer funds following the Democratic dream of President Trump’s disgrace and their end-game wish — Impeachment — which is galloping into oblivion, they should be assisting to ensure America’s good fortune. Maybe Santa Claus will put Democratic cooperation in America’s Christmas Stocking, or will Chuck and Nancy play the “Grinch” and ruin our American future. Hope Springs Eternal!

May God Always Bless The United States of America.

Beverly Monahan

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