Letters to the Editor: Bus numbers don’t add up

Ms. or Mrs. Precourt, I read your commentary letter (DSN Oct 5) about the bus schedule changes. Most of what you bought up was addressed at the two previous meetings. But some of your information is not correct. How can you say that the bus times are not convenient?

If I need to be somewhere and the bus coverage is not the best, I take an earlier bus to ensure I get there on time, or catch a ride. There are still taxis, Uber and Lyft. You could find yourself in the middle of a rural community where mass transit doesn’t exist. The weekend times are shaded/highlighted in the bus guide and you can go online to see them.

DART does not run its buses on Sunday. Only Wilmington does. DART’s budget is numbers-driven i.e. how many people frequently use them, which also effects their budget. Even if it is 81% of state funds, when was the last time it was increased?

As for the shelters, they can be an expensive to be installed and they need to be ADA (American Disabilities Act) compliant which they can run a fortune. As for the security concerns at the transfer station, the cadets patrol it but only on certain days and hours, cameras are mounted along the length of the station and the video feeds go directly to the police station, which is only a block away.

There are times the police cannot put a presence around the station due to bringing the crime rate down. Good luck getting the advisory committee to ride the buses, I have suggested it before but there seems to be some resistance. Why doesn’t the committee ask for volunteers to do the ridealongs?

Lonnie Brewer

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