LETTER TO THE EDITOR: Timing of Democratic debates a puzzlement

The first two Democratic debates scheduled were at dates and times when the majority of America were more interested to be watching other programs. The first was on a Sunday at the time that the showing of the final season episode 1 of “Downton Abbey” was shown and the second was also on the Sabbath during the AFC playoffs between the Pittsburgh Steelers and the Denver Broncos.

The Democratic presidential hopefuls fell short when competing with Big Ben Roethlisberger and Perfect Peyton Manning. No contest.

This may have been the plan to begin with. After all, what America doesn’t know can’t hurt THEM. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is focusing on her major goal of establishing her gun-control laws. Of course, the laws of the land in place now, if utilized properly, would also eliminate many of the horrific events America viewed of unnecessary slaughter of innocent civilians and law enforcement.

However, generating total interest in these goals would defer any reference to unwanted information concerning any improprieties at the Clinton Foundation (Eva Perón of Argentina had a foundation, too. As memory serves, that foundation finally ended quite badly.)

Then, of course, the Benghazi incident keeps rearing its ugly head for HRC to explain. She did spend 11 hours of her valuable time answering those pertinent questions to no one’s complete comprehension.

Then, the inquiries about the pesky e-mails keep popping up, and the FBI investigations are such a thorn in her side.

Now, Bernie keeps nipping at her heels, which is so problematic that she must bring out the big family guns, devoted husband Bill and sweet daughter Chelsea beginning to campaign on the trail, establishing her as the ideal candidate. If those plans don’t work out, she may have to bring out the grandbaby wearing an adorable pink T-shirt saying “Vote for Grandma.” She may have to bake those cookies she didn’t want to be associated with back in the ’90s.

Then, at number 2, we have Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders extolling all the benefits of a socialistic society where everything will be available just for the taking. Of course, as the wise British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher once stated, “The only problem with socialism is that eventually, you run out of other people’s money.” Smart woman!

Thirdly, we have ex-Gov. Martin O’Malley of Maryland extending his words of wisdom on how everything ran so well on his watch, and he would like to take on HRC and Bernie just to prove it. Good luck with that, Marty.

These unusual dates and times are actually quite clever in the Democratic vision of success. However, they can’t keep these time slots going forever, though. Eventually, they will have to take on their Republican-candidate rivals, and that could be a real stumbling block for the Big Three.

Substantive subject matter will be addressed, and real answers must be provided by all allowing America to truly know who will be the best choice for the most important position in the world, the president of the United States, and who is not.

America needs that person to be knowledgeable, forthright and [one who] will put our beloved country first … not to be apologetic or weak when dealing with adversarial powers who are laughing at America’s stupidity for dealing with them in the first place.

A very informational, interesting 2016 awaits us all on our journey to truth in November 2016, when all the questions must be answered satisfactorily for us all.

May God ALWAYS bless the United States of America!

Beverly Monahan

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