Commentary: A different view of Trump and COVID-19

Ken Abraham’s commentary (“Trump administration’s response to pandemic is a monumental failure,” Dec. 15) is his scathing view that President Donald Trump failed the American people and is somehow responsible for the death of 300,000 “innocent and neglected Americans.”

Some experts in this and other countries said getting a vaccine out in 2020 was an impossibility. President Trump did it! You can hate him all you want, but the reality is he did something no one thought was possible. So much for his golfing priority.

He chastises the Trump administration for not providing “government much-needed relief” but conveniently doesn’t mention that Nancy Pelosi failed to negotiate in good faith because of politics. She was not going to give President Trump a victory, regardless of the damage to the safety and welfare of the American population. Of course, it’s OK to negotiate now, as we have a new president-elect. So Mr. Abraham, who’s responsible for the death of 300,000 “innocent and neglected Americans”?

Mr. Abraham also suggests that those “responsible for this calamity be prosecuted” and states he “could secure many such convictions.” Really? If you are that good, do it.

He goes on to spread more fear concerning the efficacy of the vaccine by stating, “assuming it is successful,” and further stating that it “will not be available until at least another 100,000 Americans die!” If you don’t think the vaccine is safe, don’t take it. More importantly, what expertise do you have in forecasting to boldly state that another 100,000 Americans will die before it’s available? One is available now, and within a couple of weeks, a second vaccine will be available. We soon could see two more vaccines become available. Unless Joe Biden changes how the distribution system works, by the end of February it is projected that tens of millions of doses will be available.

Col. Frank Daniels
Retired U.S. Army Reserve