Letter to the Editor: Thanksgiving still a time of gratitude

My husband and I decided not to have a special Thanksgiving celebration with a big meal, as we consider every day to be Thanksgiving Day. Yet, Thanksgiving Day gives us a chance to express special thanks to some people we normally do not encounter in our daily lives, setting aside the thought, “We pay for everything we get.”

I thank our farmers, who bring food to our table. They toil throughout the year without the assurance of the bountiful harvest they hope for. After a brief resting and enjoyment of the harvest, their next farming cycle begins with lots of anticipation amid uncertainty. I hope to extend my thanks to those who help our farmers in each of their farming activities.

I thank our soldiers, who are away from family, especially their young ones, who do not understand why they are separated and may not want anything more than the safe return of their mom or dad for a happy reunion.

I thank Peace Corps volunteers, who go out to less fortunate places of the world and spread the goodness and kindness of America. They came to my high school in South Korea to teach English. First was a newly wedded couple, Mr. and Mrs. Middleton; then came Mrs. Fox, followed by Mrs. Hunter (yes, in that order). Then, Dr. Boyd instilled in me the love of English with his zeal to show us the beauty of English poems.

I thank those who put their lives at risk to take care of others, especially during this perilous time of pandemic.

I thank the people in authority, who strive to do the right things with their clear conscience.

I thank those who have gone ahead of us, blazing the trails to leave a better place than what they have found or inherited.

I thank my sister-in-law and my brother for taking care of my elderly mother.

I cannot list them all, but how can I forget Jim, who shared with my husband and me not only his last Thanksgiving meal, while sitting in a wheelchair being fed by his loving wife, but also shared with us the true joy of life? How thankful we are to have spent the two precious hours with Jim and his wife on Thanksgiving Day last year.

Then, there is Kitty, my dear friend, who could no longer speak or swallow anything for over a year, but gave me her beautiful smile three days before leaving this life she lived with contentment.

I thank my God for giving me a chance to live in this blessed country and for translating me in times of turbulence to a place of calm in the eye of a storm.

Happy Thanksgiving, you all.

Eul Lee