Delaware way: no transparency, accountability

Nationwide, one-third of all deaths from COVID-19 are senior citizens in long-term care nursing homes, while in Delaware, they represent two-thirds of all deaths. Yet not one member of our General Assembly has written about this in our Delaware newspapers.

Thankfully, the commentary written by AARP’s state director (“Steps needed to protect long-term care facilities,” May 27) has exposed what is happening to our senior citizens and has recommended actions to be taken. The question is, will every member of our General Assembly write to our newspapers now supporting them? Will they provide this information daily to those who elected them so that elderly citizens can do what is best for themselves?

My wife and I are in our 80s and very thankful we are at home, but we are also very fearful of having to live in a long-term care nursing home in Delaware.

We look forward to reading your comments in the newspapers and your daily emails on what is happening in every nursing home.

Jack Wells