Letter: A different way to look at kneeling

Although I agree with some of what Dave Skocik is saying about the flag, I believe that he is missing the point of what many of the people who are kneeling are saying.

The American people have for too long ignored the injustices and discrimination that people of color in this country have suffered and still suffer. The people who kneel during the national anthem are making a statement, guaranteed by that Constitution that Mr. Skocik fails to mention, to bring that to our attention.

They are not trying to “feel good about themselves.” They are making a statement that they feel will get people’s attention as previous methods have not.

He then mentions that “the majority of their fellow Americans, but especially veterans and their families” — who, by the way, are more than 40% people of color — are still suffering those injustices. I am a veteran who, when Colin Kaepernick knelt during the national anthem, felt that he was showing disrespect to the flag. I disagreed with what he was doing, but supported his right to do it. In the intervening four years, I have come to the opinion that it was necessary to highlight the continuing injustices and discrimination that people of color have suffered.

Mr. Skocik has the right to disagree and “urge veterans and their organizations to express their concerns to” whomever he desires, but I believe he is wrong and that, until we treat all people equally, steps like these must be taken.

Richard Schwager