Letter to the Editor: A contractor, not socialism

Until he gets all his facts straight, Steve Caporiccio should shy away from implying anyone has drunk the Kool-Aid (Daniels drank the Kool-Aid,” July 14). I’m no longer surprised that every communist Democrat seems to repeat exactly the same party-fed diatribe when they want to attack conservatives.

I take particular exception when people with zero military experience hopscotch over actual facts. I’m even more upset when these people blatantly lie when trying to say that military retirement pay is socialist. That tells me exactly why they endorse socialism: They don’t even know what the word means.

Socialism is a system of government (they like to imply that “government” and “citizens” are interchangeable here) that owns everything from production to marketing to housing to wages. There is no incentive to produce, as the government only doles out what it thinks you’re worth.

In the simplest of terms, the military is a government contractor. The member signs an open-ended contract (that they may voluntarily leave at any time the contract expires), whereby they forfeit many constitutional rights for a separate justice system and then accept pay and benefits commensurate with their rank and not their job specialty (an E-5 computer radar technician earns the same pay as an E-5 office administrator). The members further agree that if their service is honorable for 20 years, their employer (the government) will compensate all those hardships by paying a pension of 50% of the base salary that individual was making at the time of retirement. Sounds amazingly similar to what Kraft Foods, Procter & Gamble or any other large corporation does, doesn’t it?

If you want to look for an analogy to socialism, look to Congress. They establish their own salary, pension and benefits. In addition, we pay for them to use the finest medical facilities in the free world. If Chris Coons gets defeated in November, he will be paid over $50,000 more a year ($139,200) for his six years in the Senate than I will after having served nearly 30.

The next set of lies is even more idiotic. President Donald Trump never “trashed former prisoners of war.” He simply repeated what most Vietnam military veterans felt about John McCain. You’d be wise to read objective reports on this guy, who singlehandedly assured that any POWs left behind would be abandoned. Neither did President Trump pardon any war criminals. You have him mistaken for Barack Obama, who pardoned Chelsea Manning and proclaimed Bowe Bergdahl a patriot. The last claim in the letter is almost too ludicrous to explain, as the president never allowed wet markets or injected anyone with the virus. If you recall, he was closing entry to the Chinese while Nancy Pelosi was inviting people to visit Chinatown.

I find Mr. Caporiccio’s letter to have all the validity of a meme posted on the internet by another rabid socialist. It said, “Gilligan listened to the professor and not the millionaire.” I have but one question to that logic: How did that work out?

George Roof