Letter to the Editor: A modest presidential proposal

Donald J. Trump isn’t really the President of the United States – he just plays one on TV.

He is obviously incapable of managing the federal government during this crisis, and he refuses to take responsibility for anything.  Instead, he focuses on blaming others: one day it is China, the next day the WHO, the next day the governors, the next day the Democrats. 

Apparently he thinks that “the buck stops here” refers to deer hunters sitting on a stand, and, since he did look at the pictures in his high school history textbook – neven if he never read it – thinks that Harry Truman was a “loser” because he lost the presidency to Thomas Dewey. He apparently also must think that Franklin D. Roosevelt was that other guy who charged up San Juan HilI. 

I therefore propose that NBC – or any major network – create a new show called “White House Apprentice” and ask him to host it.  That will make him very happy. He can pretend again to be a strong, dynamic and decisive executive (with good ratings), then step down from the presidency and turn over the actual job to someone else. Mike Pence will not be very good in the job, but he is bound to be better than President Trump, whose unhinged behavior and Twitter rants are now clearly endangering the country. 

Daniel Pritchett