Letter to the Editor; A plea to the Postal Service to take action

Editor’s note: The following letter was also sent to the Board of Governors of the U.S. Postal Service.

Dear USPS Board of Governors:

The havoc that Donald J. Trump and Louis DeJoy are wreaking on the United States Postal Service has ramifications that extend far beyond the voter suppression it is intended to cause.  Seniors, rural Americans, veterans, and every other person in the country are dependent on the Post Office.

What you are allowing to happen will unite the people of America against Trump.  People are resilient and, when antagonized, will make every effort to cast their vote in other ways.  

By supporting these actions, the Board of Governors may be in violation of U.S. Code § 1701.  Obstruction of mails generally and U.S. Code § 1703. Delay or destruction of mail or newspapers, and therefore risking legal actions against yourselves.  In addition, the Postal Service is protected by Article 1 of the Constitution.

Mr. DeJoy has agreed, under great pressure from the people, to stop further dismantling of the Post Office until after the election, but the damage to both the operation and reputation has been done.  He needs to restore the Post Office to the way it was in January, allow overtime, and stop delays of the mail.  

Please take action now to save the USPS and allow Americans to vote safely, get their medications and Social Security checks in a timely manner, and preserve the jobs of postal workers.  Restore the meaning of service to the USPS.

Thank you.

Alan Evantash