Letter to the Editor: A sign of the times that we are fogetting the past

Mr. Daniels, I read your commentary (“Constitutional rights trampled by the numbers,” Delaware State News, 5-24-20).

The governor is not trying to trample people’s constitutional rights; he had to make some hard decisions for the good of the people. All that protesting amounted to nothing.

The last pandemic we had in this country was 2009 H1N1, and that was followed by Ebola in various areas of the world in 2014. So we have 8-11 years of no preparation or coordination between the federal government and local government, hence all this current confusion – which some of us expected.  South Korea and Taiwan fared better because they learned from SARS in 2003.

Our governor was not out to destroy small business or the economy. How soon we forget the Great Depression and the Dust Bowl. Add on World War II when people went through worse deprivation than what we are seeing, but the economy eventually recovered.

There have been some adults who haven’t made responsible decisions. Everyone should have gotten behind the governor, including the political parties, but look what happened.

We voted Carney in and if we don’t like the way he handled this crisis, we’ll vote him out. I hope we make the smart decision.

Lonnie Brewer