Letter to the Editor: AAA misguided on marijuana

While Mr. Grant and AAA are well-intentioned, I respectfully suggest that their position on marijuana legalization is the wrong one (“Commentary: AAA concerned about marijuana’s effect on driving”).

First, they are mistaken to say “wait for more data to better understand the societal implications of full legalization.” “Good Grief Charlie Brown”; all the data available is in, and new data is unlikely to shed light on this problem! Pot is the most studied and analyzed drug on the planet! And most importantly, in all the states where it has been legalized, the many benefits (less crime, increased tax revenue, — often used for drug treatment programs, less addiction, far less costs on prosecutions and jail or prison costs, etc, ) far outweigh any problems caused by legalization.

I certainly agree that nobody should be operating any vehicle or heavy equipment or machinery of any kind “while under the influence” of marijuana. It does impair judgment and bodily reaction time.

Sure, the numbers reflect that in many accident cases, the driver had THC in their system. But that is a long way from proving that one was driving under the influence of marijuana, because THC remains in one’s system for as long as 30 days! As anyone who has smoked pot can tell you, the harmful effects last, at the most, 24 hours. After that, one is back to normal and “good to go!”

Perhaps if those at AAA were more conscious of the problems caused by criminalization – mentioned above and including lives ruined by prosecutions solely for possession of pot! – they would change their stance. In any event, the arguments they make are no good reason not to legalize pot!

Ken Abraham