Letter to the Editor: Absentee ballot raises questions

I just received an absentee ballot application from the Department of Election. My understanding is that this same letter went out to all registered voters.

The reason this letter was sent out is COVID-19. Of course, I don’t want to expose myself unnecessarily, so an absentee ballot seems like the way to go. The problem is that the application states “you have to select a reason you are voting by absentee ballot.”

Of the six reasons listed, reason No. 3, “I am sick, or temporarily or permanently physically disabled,” is the most appropriate reason I could select, but I would consider it dishonest. I am not sick or disabled. Should I be dishonest on my application for an absentee ballot?

The accompanying letter says to select option No. 3 if “impacted by COVID-19,” whatever that means. Wouldn’t that be 100% of the population? Then, why allow any in-person voting at all?

Jim Webster