Letter to the Editor: Affordable Care Act?

Think about all the television commercials you saw after they passed the Affordable Care Act that showed people getting really low premiums for health care insurance.

The question is how many of them said how much your out of pocket and copays would be? How many said that you had to pay your out of pocket before the insurance would pay anything? I haven’t been able to recall any — only how low your premiums would be.

If you all think it is affordable, then you haven’t talked to anyone who had to use their insurance. And also those premiums have gone up after that first year.

Here’s another question for you to think about: what percentage of your income goes for health insurance, out of pocket and copays? Then what percentage goes for taxes: federal, state, city, county, social security, Medicare? Then we have left to pay for housing, food, clothing, car and home insurance, electric, water, heat, vehicle and the list goes on. Hopefully you have some left to go out once and awhile.

If they wanted to give us a tax break, then start at $50,000. The only tax would be social security and Medicare, then $50,000 to $100,000 would be 10% plus social security and Medicare.

As it increases from $100,000 to $150,000 go up to 12% plus social security and Medicare and up from there it would be 15% to $200,000 and after that it would be 18% for every thing over $200,000.

The percentage is only for the amount of each increase. But everyone would have to file and there would be no exceptions, no credits. That’s why the first $50,000 would be non-taxable except for social security and Medicare, which would only be 6% and 1% for everyone.

Marvin Fortney