Letter to the Editor: Afraid to face the reality of Trump

Just a gentle reminder that Donald Trump was not elected President. Hillary Clinton received the popular vote. Trump received the presidency by the outdated and useless Electoral College.

The Electoral College was instituted when this country was in the early growing stages. The population of this country is well distributed from north to south and east to west. Rapid transit and instant communication have brought all sections of this country together.

Congress does not answer to Mr. Trump. Congress is not employed by Mr. Trump. Congress answers to the American citizens who elected them. Many members of Congress seem to be afraid to face the reality of Mr. Trump’s misbehavior.

Are they afraid of retaliation from the president? Has integrity gone by the wayside? Mr. Trump reminds me of a little boy with a new ball and bat. He tells the other kids that in order to play ball, we have to play by my rules or I’ll take my ball and bat and go home .

Gloria Bakin