Letter to the Editor: Are we learning anything from protests?

I have really been learning a lot from the protest. So far, I believe that the only persons who have to be responsible for their actions are the police. And a young girl said that she wants to be able to go out and not be stopped for speeding (really).

The other thing I learned is that I want to be able to break the laws and not have to be responsible for my actions.

One I also like is that if I am offended by anything, it has to be changed, but at this time, it’s only for what offends a Black person. So, if I am offended, I cannot complain to have changes made. Wouldn’t that be kind of racist since only one race can complain?

And to me, everything seems one-sided for changes, and if you are not going to change how the other side acts when stopped by police, there’s still going be problems.

Let’s say that the police officer, instead of talking to you, just starting shouting, and as you were trying to answer, he never stopped or heard anything you were saying. A lot of things I have seen is opposite – where police are trying to talk to you and you’re not listening.

The thing I ask is that if you know you might be shot or thrown to the ground if you resist, then don’t do it until we can get some changes made so there is no more killing or people hurt.

But that’s too much to ask for since you have some who want to continue with this type of behavior no matter if they are killed. Police, if someone runs, let them go if they have their name and have filled out an arrest warrant. Sooner or later, they end up in court.

Don’t waste your career on this stuff. Next time a cop is killed, then all cops should protest that their lives matter and burn everything down, too. It’s OK to do this.

Marvin Fortney