Letter to the Editor: Articles of impeachment

If the articles of impeachment sent to the Senate do not contain two affidavits signed by eye witnesses under penalty of perjury, the Democrats have no case against the president because there are no witnesses.

Which at that point the Senate must throw out the charges against the president, because no witnesses means no evidence.

Which at this point will also implicate the Democrats in the House of a coup to overthrow the United States of America, by creating false accusations with no evidence whatsoever to implement the removal of a duly elected president by fraud, deceptions and the misuse of emoluments and taxpayers funds to perform a coup d’état for the sole purpose to remove a duly elected president of the United States of America, for interfering in their organized crime syndicate which they are trying to protect, which is orchestrated and manipulated by foreign governments and corporations, to cause harm and damage to the American people through financial and intellectual design, and orchestrated entrapment and treason.

Their absence of malice before the president of the United States was even elected, to commit whatever crime was necessary for his impeachment, has been documented, by the mainstream media who are also implicated in this coup d’état.

At this point if something should happen to the president of the United States, the Democrats in the House of Representatives would be prime suspects! That is how far they have implicated themselves in the hatred of this president!

Bill Sharpe