Letter to the Editor: Balance of power

Thank you Sen. Richardson, we need more conversations like this. (“What is the Christian’s role in government?” Jan. 22)

Regarding examples of Christians influencing government, I think you left out the greatest example of all. It is that when we used to teach History in schools, we often heard about the wonderful balance of power designed by the authors of our Constitution. So why was this balance necessary?

I believe the authors realized that the Christian’s basic belief that since all men are fallen, there could never be a perfect and faultless leader. Therefore power had to be controlled or balanced to prevent despots, whether these despots be justices, representatives, senators or presidents. No better time than now to see this in action.

And further more it is interesting to reflect upon how many of these authors were ordained Christian ministers. I praise God for this great nation given to me and my children’s children.

Jerry Emerson