Letter to the Editor: Battle of the Bulge remembered

Do you remember ’44?

The high school grads went straight to war.

Last year’s class had hit the beach.

War’s end now seemed in reach.

Some even hoped to “end the war in ’44.”

But that was in the early Fall.

The race through France then hit a stall.

October and November came.

And war continued just the same.

“Just stay alive in ’45.”

“By mid December we’ll break through.”

But Hitler’s troops were planning too.

With great surprise, they struck us first.

And the weather went from bad to worse.

With clouds and confusion, speed and surprise,

The enemy’s gamble might take the prize.

But from schools and Basic, replacements came.

They fought in snow and freezing rain.

For thirty days they held the line,

Til the weather broke, and just in time.

Bastogne had held! The planes could fly!

The last offensive now was done.

A few more months, the war was won.

The line would bend, but did not break.

Our boys had held, the peace to make.

The high school boys had been to war.

That’s how it was in ’44.

John T. Reardon

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