Letter to the Editor: Be careful what you vote for

You may remember “snake oil salesmen” from some older movies. They would gather a crowd and begin hawking a “magic elixir” that could cure all ailments. It worked particularly well in isolated towns. Today, we are isolated by a sea of lies in the media, Big Tech censorship, Hollywood’s immorality tales, and celebs and sports stars protecting victimhood. It is difficult to find objective journalism to keep us informed of what is really going on.

Today’s snake oil salesmen are selling Democratic socialism, where you can vote for your own enslavement. Voting Dems into power is the first step to Big Government and central planning. Young people are conditioned in schools, and adults are propagandized in most of the media. Any media that misleads and manipulates is an enemy of the people, and they affect our elections more than our foreign enemies combined. These “news” media make allegations and interpret Donald Trump’s evil motives. They glorify Big Government solutions.

They remind us of our “ailments” — hate, racism, inequality, rich stealing from the poor, white supremacy and oppression, police hunting down and killing unarmed Black men —to keep us upset and confused. Then, they try to sell the “magic elixir”: Put Dems in power and our problems will disappear. They promise Utopia, equality and fairness. This is how all tyrants, including Adolf Hitler, gain power — by deception.

They sell the “benefits” and downplay or hide the hardships. It is ironic that one of the reasons for selling socialism is trumped-up racism and “fear of the police.” Yet socialism leads to greater control of the populace, and absolute control leads to the “police state.” You will obey or be punished.

Socialism has never worked. It’s a brutal system of governance, and once in place, elections are abolished or meaningless, leaving no way out. We are headed in that direction.

Snake oil salesmen make empty promises. Trump has fulfilled nearly all his promises against opposition and resistance. Trump is a doer; his tweets and temperament are trivia. Joe Biden is 47 years of no accomplishments, but now, he has all the answers.

This is serious stuff, comrades. Be careful what you vote for — you may get it. Better do your homework.

Armand Carreau