Letter to the Editor: Be honest about Georgetown nativity

Having been raised in Georgetown, and remembering the Nativity Scene Display every year in the Circle, it not only saddens me, but angers me as well, that the mayor would concede to the minority voice rather than the majority.

The excuse of it being blown into the street is about as lame they come. The same can be said for election posters, flags, event signs etc, but because it is a symbol of Christianity and our savior’s birth, it cannot be erected.

Mr. Mayor, if you are going to agree and appease the minority, at least do it honestly and give the real reason why. Don’t come up with a meager reason like the one you used. Shame on you, and all of those who agreed to this nonsense. You and yours have Christmas your way, and those of us who prefer to have the nativity, will have it our way. May God have mercy on you.

Debbie Hilton


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