Letter to the Editor: Be like the sparrow, not afraid

The other day, I watched as a cardinal zoomed in to my feeder, scaring away all the other, smaller birds, except one. This little one, a song sparrow, made a vociferous stand right into the cardinal’s face. The cardinal backed off.

Like the cardinal, the president thinks he can win by fear: fear of the coronavirus; fear of intimidation and possible violence at the polls; fear that mail-in votes won’t be counted in time because of a corrupted post office or simply not counted at all due to false claims of fraud; and fear that the new Supreme Court will find in Donald Trump’s favor in a close vote.

Remember that fear is the refuge of the bully. Bullies are cowards. Emboldened bullies can become dictators. Therefore, don’t embolden them. Confront them. Be like the sparrow. Be not afraid. Vote like your life depended on it.

Frederick Longacre