Letter to the Editor: Better planning needed for bikeway

I agree with Mr. Bennie Smith that this Bikeway was not well thought out (Senator Bikeway causing issues for Dover funeral home, Mar 15).

What concerns me most is the way it is designed, bicycles are not following the rules of the road. They are supposed to follow the same rules as automobiles but the way it is laid out, bicycles are going in opposite directions on one side of the road.

The new layout has created a horrible traffic bottleneck there, and God forbid if someone loses control of their bicycle as they are passing another bike going the opposite direction and they fall into the path of traffic. 

The City Council should rethink the whole thing.  I know they want to create a more bicycle- friendly environment, but the location for this in front of the funeral home on one of the busiest streets in Dover was not well planned.

Kim Luton