Letter to the Editor: Biden endorsement lacks credibility

In her Letter to the Editor, Dr. Denise A. Davis presents reasons why the Women’s March Sussex-DE “wholeheartedly endorses Joseph Biden for president.” (“Women’s March endorses Biden,” July 19)

Unfortunately, the reasons listed failed to address some important items:

• Simply listing many committee positions held by Mr. Biden does not give the reader information about specific contributions made while serving on those committees. Sadly, most of us likely know of someone who held a position in a group but didn’t contribute significantly to the group’s accomplishments.

• Dr. Davis also praises Mr. Biden as a believer in “the importance of virtue” and “having a moral compass.” But do those admirable words resonate with how, when he served as vice president, Mr. Biden is said to have asked the president of Ukraine to fire the chief prosecutor who was investigating the corruption of Burisma? This, at a time when his son, Hunter Biden, was sitting on the board of directors of the organization and being paid $80,000 a month in a position in which he had no expertise. And how is Mr. Biden’s belief in “having a moral compass” demonstrated when a complaint to Senate personnel from aide Tara Reade, containing allegations of misconduct, is kept secret at the University of Delaware, where Mr. Biden turned over all his senatorial papers in 2011? Why hasn’t Mr. Biden authorized release of those records?

• Lastly, Dr. Davis states “…we need a serious, experienced leader in this country. … We need a person of courage and competence.” Does Mr. Biden demonstrate those qualities when he takes cover in the basement of his home and refuses to take hard questions from the press? Instead, he gives statements and invites a small number of people to hear him and does not take questions. Why? And how could a “serious leader,” when serving as vice president, be the only person who advised the President Obama in April 2011 not to pursue the elimination of Osama bin Laden? Mr. Biden was the only one who did not want to give the OK to the use of U.S. Navy Seals. And he wants to be our commander in chief?

Truly, Dr. Davis has presented a long listing of positions held by Mr. Biden and positive attributes she believes him to have, but there is a lack of detail about accomplishments, as well as a lack of detail demonstrating Mr. Biden’s claimed attributes. Endorsements filled with generalities and with claims lacking demonstrated and proven specifics somehow lose their credibility.

Frederick C. Smiga

EDITOR’S NOTE: There are published news reports saying that Vice President Biden was one of many officials and activists calling for the Ukraine prosecutor’s resignation for stonewalling on the investigation and prosecution of corruption. Also, there are news reports that say Vice President Biden’s advice to President Barack Obama was to wait for confirmation that bin Laden was at the site before approving the raid that resulted in his death.