Letter to the Editor: Blunt Rochester should pick a job

I find it interesting and a bit disturbing that our only representative in Washington, Lisa Blunt Rochester, has a second job now.

Given the fact that our economy is stagnant, our federal highways are crumbling, and our state is high on the list for opioid deaths, I think she needs to focus on the job that we the citizens of Delaware have hired her to do.

I know that when I worked for the federal government any outside employment had to be approved by my leadership. I don’t remember approving Representative Blunt-Rochester’s request for outside employment.

The fact that politicians are involved with politics while doing the job we hired them for is a given. Campaigning for one’s self for the next term is required and I am ok with that type of work.

However, in my opinion, campaigning for and managing the campaign for another person is over the line. How many of us would allow one of our employees or even co-workers to take a second job and spend the majority of their time working it while still being paid to do the first job? I am pretty sure that most of us wouldn’t allow that or be happy with it.

In closing, I feel that Representative Blunt-Rochester has a choice to make, and needs to make that choice immediately. Does she wish to continue to work for the people of Delaware or does she wish to work for the Biden Presidential Campaign? She needs to resign from one position or the other.

Chuck Mankin