Letter to the Editor: Blunt Rochester shouldn’t ‘take another job’

I agree with Chuck Mankin of Smyrna (“Elected Representative Working a Second Job is Disturbing,”) Delaware State News, March 10, 2020.).  Lisa Blunt Rochester has no business taking on another job being Biden’s co-chair for his presidential campaign. 

In her three years as our sole representative, she has not represented the citizens of Delaware.  She is a die-hard Democrat who follows in the shadow of Rep. Nancy Pelosi, and it is clear to me that Rep. Pelosi is more a “liberal career politician” than “a representative working for the good of her Constituents and ournNation.”

Further, Lisa Blunt Rochester has not demonstrated exceptional competence as our representative; so how effective will she be as co-chair for Biden’s presidential campaign?  Will she be paid as co-chair of Biden’s campaign? 

 It seems clear that she is working to shore up future dreams of running for governor.  This would be devastating to the citizens of Delaware, who need an effective governor whose main focus is what is good for the citizens of Delaware. 

Lisa Blunt Rochester is not that person.

Fred Smiga