Letter to the Editor: Brode understands wills office requirements

One of the services that Kent County offers is the processing of wills. As with paramedics, we hope you never have to use this service, but, unfortunately, death is something none of can escape.

The current register of wills has taken steps to minimize the length of time it takes to process a will. He has extended hours to allow time for those dealing with wills to come in. He has made space in the Wills Office for more private meetings. His staff works hard every day to digitize existing wills, which, in some cases, involves hundreds of pages each.

An electronic wills process would be in violation of state laws that require signed and original documents. Even if the laws were to change to allow electronically signed wills documents, the cost to implement the software would be hundreds of thousands of dollars, as well as tens of thousands of dollars annually to maintain licensing and hardware associated with such a system. As an information technology specialist with 45 years of experience, I know about this.

It would also take the approval of Levy Court commissioners, who are very aware of whose money we are spending. It is not ours. It is yours. A new system like that would be a capital project that we would save for over many years. That is the way we do things to keep your taxes low.

Someone who understands this is past commissioner and current Register of Wills Harold Brode. I have been honored to call “Brode” a good friend of mine for many years. I ask you to vote for Harold Brode on Nov. 3. When you are dealing with the emotional loss of a loved one, Brode and his team are the ones you want supporting you.

Jody Sweeney
5th District commissioner, Kent County Levy Court