Letter to the Editor: Bushweller endorses Rocha

I write to endorse the candidacy of Gerald Rocha in the August 18 election for Dover City Council, 1st District.

I have known Gerald Rocha for several years.  He and I worked together on various community activities and initiatives both during my service as State Senator for the 17th District and when we served together on the Board of Directors of Dover’s Inner City Cultural League.  Gerald’s level-headed and professional approach to problem solving and his long term, genuine commitment to our community make him a great choice for the 1st District, City Council.

Gerald’s experience is wide and varied.  He served our country for 20 years in the United States Air Force and now serves as Director of Philanthropy and Engagement at the United Way of Delaware.  He has been active in youth groups, his church, the Delaware Parents Association and other organizations dedicated to improving the quality of life here in our neighborhoods and our city.  He is a loving husband, father and grandfather.

One of his campaign pieces lists his “Core Values”:  integrity, respect, service, humility, courage.  These are values that will serve all of us well with Gerald Rocha on the Dover City Council, 1st District.

I respectfully encourage 1st District residents to vote for Gerald Rocha on August 18.

Brian J. Bushweller
Former State Senator, 17th District, Dover