Letter to the Editor: Candidates should protect Social Security

Delaware is home to nearly 220,000 Social Security beneficiaries. Of those receiving benefits, more than 20% rely on Social Security to provide 90% of their total household income. With all the economic changes and challenges during the coronavirus pandemic, it is clear we must maintain Social Security’s hard-earned benefit for millions of older Americans and their families.

The coronavirus has resulted in more people being unemployed and therefore not contributing to Social Security trust funds. People are living longer, which further stresses the Social Security system. I am concerned these above issues will lead to serious reductions or elimination in the funds available to older workers at a time when the funds and benefits are most needed.

To win in 2020, candidates need to tell voters how they will protect the future of Social Security and must have a solution to keep Social Security strong. In fact, AARP recently wrote to President Donald Trump asking him to explain his proposal to replace Social Security funding.

I encourage you to vote early and vote safe. AARP Delaware has a voter guide with information on mail-in and in-person voting at aarp.org/devotes.

Gwen Howard-Blunt
AARP advocate and volunteer