Letter to the Editor: Carney lockdowns mean time for a change

I was flabbergasted by Gov. John Carney’s remarks about how people’s attitudes have changed as he walked along the Rehoboth Beach boardwalk last weekend.

All Gov. Carney saw were people following his illegal rules because they know he will send his COVID-19 police out to write them up and give them a court summons like he did previously in Bowers Beach, where the Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control shut down the only head-boat operation left in town.

Gov. Carney failed to mention that most of the businesses in Rehoboth Beach said it was the worst Memorial Day ever. He also failed to mention the size of the beach crowd, probably because it was so small and there was so little to do at the beach because of his laws!

Now Gov. Carney wants to use his strict, mandatory rules, which violate the constitutional rights of people, for the month of July. Apparently, he has little concern for the small businesses in Delaware, especially at the beaches.

Gov. Carney’s laws have already taken away the Memorial Day profits from shop owners, and he now wants to do the same for the Fourth of July. Should the status quo remain the same for July, Gov. Carney will see unemployment rise, and numerous small businesses will close for good in this state.

The out-of-state tourists are the big spenders for the beach communities. Without them and with the governor keeping his ridiculous mandatory laws in place, July Fourth profits will instead be big July Fourth losses.

Gov. Carney has been erratic, irrational and biased with his mandatory laws, which are now being challenged by Republicans and business owners.

Time for a new governor in Delaware, one who respects the people and understands their challenges and pain during COVID-19, and one who will not abuse the power of the governor’s office. Time for Bryant Richardson this November.

Boyd White