Letter to the Editor: Climate change lawsuit unnecessary

I read the Commentary article in the Delaware State News regarding Attorney General Kathleen Jennings’ lawsuit against a number of fossil fuel companies, which I take to mean oil companies (“Protecting Del. from fossil fuel industry,” Sept. 17).

Apparently, she is claiming that these companies have known for decades, but kept it a secret, that burning petroleum products has been causing climate change and will be responsible for millions of dollars of damage to property and homes along the Delaware coastline due to flooding, and that they should pay for it.

First, I believe we once had an Ice Age and that the Earth’s climate has been changing in both directions throughout history. No secret there.

Second, if the oil companies knew for decades that this was happening, then certainly the government also knew. The University of Delaware would have told them. If that is the case, the state of Delaware has shown negligence by continually allowing almost unlimited construction along the coast, raking in millions in taxes, knowing full well of the coming destruction, thus jeopardizing thousands of lives.

It would seem to me that Attorney General Jennings should push for condemning all that property and moving people out to save lives. Those people, in turn, can sue the state for keeping it a secret and allowing them to build in a life-threatening environment in the first place. Isn’t it the job of the government to save us from ourselves and our own poor choices?

Stan Lakey