Letter to the Editor: Congratulations, Class of 2020

I was pleased as I looked at the “Dover High School Class of 2020” section in Sunday’s edition. It’s beautiful.

The pictures show me that this present generation is placed not according to color, race or gender, but side by side. I think to myself, “Maybe the Hispanic boy is next to his best friend, who is African American.”

And I think, “Maybe that’s why the young are in this protesting going on – they see their friend in trouble.” I see the various cultures of young people completing their high school years together, not separated because of race or class.

I believe the graduates of 2020 have learned much from each other. I wish to congratulate each of those 2020 graduates who are pictured and all others who are to be shown in coming weeks. May you go forth with each other, together.

Norma Holt