Letter to the Editor: Congress has more than just stimulus payments to debate

With all the controversy covering how much of a stimulus payment should be delegated to Americans, Congress has been debating the pros and cons of “how much” is warranted for Americans. Congress is, at best, disheartening at making wise decisions for America. Its members’ priorities take precedence, while Americans are struggling with the everyday problems of unemployment payment lapses, ensuring that food is on the table and securing rent and/or mortgages are paid — on top of the ongoing dangers concerning the COVID-19 crisis that continue today until all Americans are able to receive the lifesaving vaccine provided by Pfizer or Moderna.

Quite candidly, did America ever foresee that President Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and her squad would agree on anything? Surprisingly, they have. Both Trump and the squad agree that Americans should receive a stimulus check for $2,000 as quickly as possible. They are absolutely correct. Americans are hurting badly, while our powerful congressional members squabble over the acceptable amount and dates of delivery.

As Congress is so deeply concerned for American needs, they should be reviewing the questionable foreign aid contributions other countries receive from America. All should be reduced, according to current American privations. They should be deeply surveying some very questionable countries who receive millions of American dollars and are not America’s friends, e.g., Syria and Pakistan, to name just two of many. They are pleased to receive our money and then, turn around and “bite the hands that fed them.” We should cut back on foreign aid and put America first. Charity begins at home.

Congress should be front and center to provide Americans with the tools to ensure we will be on the positive path to an American rebirth of success. America must come first!

May God always bless the United States of America.

Beverly E. Monahan