Letter to the Editor: Consider the future when you vote

Why do we care about the Paris accord? It is a global agreement strengthening responses to climate change threats by working to decrease temperature rises. Each nation proposed its own actions and goals to lower carbon emissions.

The U.S. was a signatory in 2016. “Was” is the key word, as one of the first actions of Donald Trump was to withdraw from the Paris agreement. He has a continuous history of scaling back environmental laws, regulations and treaties designed to fight the devastating effects of human-caused climate change. The Earth is getting hotter. The ice caps are melting. There is more water in the oceans.

Why do we in Sussex County care? Delaware is the “First State” for being the first to ratify the Constitution, but it also ranks first in flatness. Delaware has the lowest mean elevation of all the states, at 60 feet, ranging from sea level at the ocean beaches to …

Wait — Sussex County is at sea level. We have first-hand experiences with flooding due to global warming, and it will get worse unless we act.

Vote Nov. 3 as if your life and your property depended on it. Because guess what? They do!

Claire Simmers
Bethany Beach