Letter to the Editor: Coons’ experience needed in Senate

As the primary approaches, we cannot afford change for change’s sake or put aside what’s been proven to be effective to simply reach for something new. I urge Delaware Democrats to vote for U.S. Sen. Chris Coons, D-Del., this Sept. 15.

Sen. Coons’ priorities for Delaware have been shaped by his five decades in the state. His effectiveness in performing the work of a U.S. senator is significant and proven, versus his opponent, whose experience is admirable — but local and limited. His policies are consistent with Democratic ideals, while recognizing that compromise creates progress. In contrast, his opponent has noted the danger of “cutting deals with Republicans.”

Not surprisingly, Chris Coons holds some of the same fundamental beliefs as his opponent, as noted on her website: “Everyone deserves a good education, health care, a place to call home and clean air and water.” His experience will make him more effective at reaching these worthy goals, as well as the other, more tactical initiatives that are part of governing effectively.

Delaware Democrats are lucky. Their candidates for the Senate primary are fine people who espouse worthy goals. But one of them is clearly the better candidate. On Sept. 15, vote for Sen. Chris Coons — patriotic, principled, pragmatic.

Robert DeSantis