Letter to the Editor: Coons’ support of Biden disappointing

My wife and I have lived in Kent County our entire 56 years of married life, and she has lived here her entire life. We both agree that there is nothing positive that we can attribute to an improvement caused by nor related to any effort by Joe Biden. We regret that our tax money over all these years has had to contribute to his “free ride” through life.

It is now equally as disappointing that politicians such as Chris Coons would stand so firm and back Biden for the leadership of this great country! Even with all his flaws, of which we all have plenty, Donald Trump has done far more than any recent president for this country. I sincerely hope the people of this country do not think that Coons represents all the people of Delaware. He talks like he wants what is right for everyone, but he is sure missing a golden opportunity to prove it at this time. Just shows me that politics matters much more than doing what’s right.

Jim and Lois Dunn