Letter to the Editor: Court-martial ahead for Vindman

In regard to Sunday’s commentary “What else can Congress do to keep Trump in check?,” Lt Col. Vindman, as a serving member of the U.S. Army and undoubtedly holding a top secret compartmentalized clearance, is subject to courts-martial for unauthorized disclosure of said material. That is what the Uniform Code of Military Justice is for. If you are going to speak about misconduct and impeachment at least have the good grace to mention the Clintons and how commuting an actual felony wont even cost you your job.

To all of the people out there who will hear that Trump is an evil wannabe dictator, just remember that every dirty trick thrown at him in the last three and a half years was predicated on a history of the left’s own behavior or paid for false accusations. Americans, including the press, should be scared by the possibility of a socialist left government in charge of our great nation. The freedom of the press will become the freedom of the past.

If a private citizen has the gall to call out their leaders, you will find out exactly what it feels like to live in China, Cuba, Venezuela or any other two-bit dictatorship you can conjure up. I encourage all future voters to do your homework and be informed citizens when you choose our future path. If you choose to discard our Constitution and replace it, at least ask these fools what we are going to put in its place!

T.S. Clark